Primary Section

Our Products consider the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council's (NERDC) standards closely.

These are the subjects we would be addressing:

  1. English Studies (Comprehension, Grammar, Creative Writing, Verbal Aptitude and Literature)
  2. Mathematics (Numeracy and Quantitative Aptitude)
  3. Basic Science and Technology (Basic Science, Basic Technology and Information Technology)
  4. Religious and Value Education ( Social Studies, Civic Education, Security Education, Physical & Health Education and Religious Studies)
  5. Pre-vocational Studies (Home Economics and Agriculture)
  6. Cultural and Creative Art (Music and Arts) 
  7. General Knowledge 
  8. Indigenous Languages (one major Nigerian language: Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba)
Click on any of the learning areas to access products we have on them. If we are yet to have a product there, it would be clearly informed. (HINT: we are yet to have products in this category as we are currently working on some)

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