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We have a growing list, so what you see here may expand the next time. Do feel free to inquire further and perhaps book ahead for possible services.

**All services can be delivered in 2D, 3D or live action (mixed with real footage) formats.

Great for business personnel of all kinds.
  1. Motion Graphics including animated logos, kinetic typography
  2. Less than a minute jingles, infomercial
  3. 1 - 10 minutes explainer videos/presentation notes
  4. Character Designs
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For parents, students, schools and related organizations.
  1. Free-to-use academic videos  
  2. Paid continuations or new academic videos
  3. Educational Games
Free ones are coming soon...


Excellent for organizations, government agencies, service sectors (hospitality, medicine, manufacturing etc)
  1. Explainer videos for training and sensitization purposes
  2. Printed materials for training and sensitzation purposes
Samples soon enough...


We offer free and paid services for entertainment purposes too.
  1. Comedy skits through BusyBissy Moral Comedy (BMC) series.  
  2. Feature films
  3. BusyBissy Civil Reaction Series (BCR) for addressing socio-economic issues.
  4. More loading..

Enjoy the first addition to our entertainment list here.
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