We can offer you both still and animated branding.


For still, meaning not animated but just single images, these could include:

  1. Photos. In the area of adding or modifying where applicable the content of your images. We are not into photography at the moment.
  2. Arts & illustrations. Excellent if you need creative imitation of your products or subject of interest e.g your portrait.
  3. Info-graphics. This gives you the comfort of passing information around intuitively. Instead of the regular text and minor shape restraints of regular graphic designs, we take it a step further for you. The animated form of this type is Motion graphics.
  4. Other graphics. We are animated computer graphic artists and so, even when you don't need the animated part of what we do, we can very much still be relevant to you.


  1. Motion Graphics. This is sort of the animated version of info graphics (no 3 above). Text and basic shapes used are moved around intuitively. You may have animated models in them too.
  2. Live Action/Animation Mix. This brings both real life footage and animated content together for many purposes and can be so much relieve from the limitation of reality.
  3. Whiteboard Animation. You must have seen a video clip using whiteboard look alike to create animated content and shares. This is it. Excellent for presentations, teaching etc.
  4. Company/Product Jingle. Your traditional jingle taking on a whole new pedestal. We can of course create your traditional jingles with real life footage if that is what you want or we make it a complete animated re-brand. Your choice!

We consider any of these services and not products, you can place your order >>here<<.

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