One of the strong bargaining chip is pricing, isn't it? 

We are comforted to know we have you safely covered in this area especially as we know that the world of animation is attractive, effective but expensive and now we made it super affordable!

 If you are buying a product already available, it is super easy. Just head over here to buy.

But if it is a service, you will need to fill our pricing calculator to know what it cost.
The great thing about our calculator is you can adjust it to your budget, making it a win win to all concerned.To access the price calculator, we have to access the work you want done first, so fill up this request form here to get started (read tips below to help).

  1. You want to animate your logo or brand name in less than 5 secs, choose Logo/Brand Animation.
  2. You need an effective advert in less than 10 secs, choose Animated Ads
  3. You want your target customers to know about what you do from a fresh angle and it is in less than 40 secs, choose Product/Brand Awareness.
  4. You need an animated video of your work such as music videos, documentaries etc and it is less than 10 minutes, choose Jingle/Animated.
  5. You want to explain some functionality or value of your products or services, choose Explainer Videos.
  6. You need something more thorough for training, teaching or passing information is a super unique way, choose Training/Instructional Materials.
  7. You need an animated image (not video) of your work, such as logos, brand names, event flyer etc. Choose Still Image from an animated work.
  8. For adding elements to photos or images you already have, choose Image Re-Hype.
  9. If you need longer videos (above 10 minutes for whatever reason, choose Longer Animation.
  10. For not necessarily animated works such as regular graphic designs, product jingle (traditional advertising) etc, choose Non-Animated.
  11. If you still can't figure out where your interest belongs either because it is in more than one or not seen at all, choose Not Sure.

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