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Our 2019 Christmas Party


Our 2019 Christmas Party

Yep! We have got a party in the making and it is so cool to have a party just about the time our website got launched.
You are invited to participate and what you submit is used in making an animated Christmas video that showcases Nigerians celebrating Christmas with the world! Therefore, If you are a Nigerian, anywhere in the world, you can take part in this fun ride for this year's Christmas.

Join Us and Celebrate! Here is the video inviting you

Here is more details to help you participate.

  1. Just say "We wish you a merry Christmas!" in your Nigerian language.
  2. Get a picture o two that showcases the culture of that language maybe some place there, someone or people dressed in its attire, an hairdo, an act etc known to have be created from there
  3. Send to us with the name of the culture, state it is located in Nigeria and your name (your name is optional if you don't mind being showcased).
  4. Send to us on whatsapp +2348023508091 OR email to OR just upload directly at (easiest).
  5. Deadline is Dec 18th, 2019. Open to Nigerians Only
It would be fun to see! We promise! Merry Christmas in advance!

Welcome to BusyBissy Animation Studios!


Welcome to BusyBissy Animation Studios!

BusyBissy Animation Studios (BBA Studios) or (BBAS) is a proud subsidiary of BusyBissy Media Productions, Cross River State, Nigeria and is concerned with using contemporary arts to meet corporate goals.

Our sister subsidiaries are BAT HOUSE and BBM Fingers concerned with performing and traditional arts respectively.
You can click on their names to visit their websites too.

Here, we address our goals through the use of animations and film making and is privileged to be the first of the subsidiaries to be activated.

We are currently, made up of a small knit of unique, creative Nigerians whose interest is not just in using animated computer graphics for regular, known and comfortable uses but breaking the boundaries and going a number of steps further, hopefully motivating other creatives to leap their bounds and stretch, even more than we could possibly do.
You will see this reflected in the kind of value offerings we present under our different channels of expressions.

We are open to collaboration, sharing and serving. Like someone said, ideas may be copied but visions are personal. We don't mind competition and in its midst, we like to prove our worth!

So if you would like us to create something for you, anything at all. Give this a click>> here <<.
If you would like to join our team from anywhere in the world, >>here is your button <<.
if it is just suggestions, questions or other noble acts we would be so glad to receive, please holla us >> here<<

Welcome to our busybissy tech world!

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